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Case Studies

Case study 1

Wear issues with 300mm pressure sustaining valve – body replaced three times in three years

Client and location: A mining company in the Pilbara region of WA.

Problem reported: By participants at a Company training course on control valves.

Analysis undertaken: Observed line pressure upstream and downstream of the valve during typical operation. The pressure differential exceeded the practical limit allowed across a valve and needed to be reduced to avoid CAVITATION and resultant damage to the valve body.

Solution offered: Installation of an orifice plate to reduce the pressure differential to within normal operating levels. The sizing of the plate needs to take into account the flow and pressure parameters of the system.

Outcome: Client agreed to install the modification as soon as possible.

Case study 2

Lack of flow through pressure sustaining valve fitted to borehole pump manifold.

Client and location: A mining company in the Pilbara region of WA.

Problem reported: By Bore field supervisor.

Analysis undertaken: Observed that when operating, the pressure drop across the valve was excessive and flow less than expected. Adjustment to the valve pilot did not result in any change to valve opening. Further examination showed that the needle valve in the control circuit had been closed.

Solution offered: Instruct and train operators to ensure that the needle valve is open and adjusted for optimum performance of the main valve.

Outcome: Once the needle valve was opened the main valve began to respond to the pilot setting and full adjustments could be made.

Case study 3

Valve appears to be open when it is closed.

Client and location: A water utility installation in the South West of WA.

Problem reported: By system operators in the control room.

Solution offered: Examine control valve and control circuit for physical blockage causing the valve to stay open

Analysis undertaken: Remove the actuator and check the valve internally for any debris or damage before refitting the new parts. The body internally was spotless and I checked the actuator for free movement.
Refitted the actuator and fitted new isolating cock between solenoids and bonnet, fitted a new large Bermad filter and fitted new copper piping and fittings as required and refitted the PCU that was supplied with the valve.

Outcome: the valve functioned normally opening, closing and controlling flow. However the control unit still insisted that the valve was partially open when it was physically shut. A technician was called to adjust the 4-20mA control circuit. This showed a fault which was rectified ASAP

Case study 4

Bypass water line fitted with butterfly valve – subject to high wear issue.

Client and location: A mining company in the Pilbara region of WA.

Problem reported: By water supply supervisor.

Analysis undertaken: Whilst at the pit works we also looked at the present set up they have for bypassing water back to the reservoir when demand on the 720 line stops. They don`t want the pumps stopping and starting every few minutes. At present there is a 50mm butterfly valve on the bypass line, which is throttled right in – not good for the butterfly valve.  Flow = 5.8m3/hr

Solution offered: Suggested they install a 50mm Bermad 730V Pressure sustaining c/w 15mm orifice. This will overcome the wear issues and open a close depending on the demands of the system.

Outcome: Client accepted recommendation to refit.


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