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for Bermad Industrial Valves


When considering the specific expertise that can be brought to your next water infrastructure project, the ongoing operation and maintenance of the equipment can be a secondary consideration.

Watering Concepts can overcome this issue by offering on –site training to operations and maintenance staff that ensure peak performance at all times with its accompanying savings in energy and time

However to help maximise product investment we can supply training at various levels, from awareness and product selection through to on site preventative maintenance and problem-solving for field staff.

This training can be conducted at remote, regional or metro locations.


Watering Concepts is proud to acknowledge many loyal customers who have been working with us for 20 years and longer.

Case Studies

A client had wear issues with 300mm pressure sustaining valve, having replaced the body three times in three years.

Watering Concepts observed line pressure upstream and downstream of the valve during typical operation. The pressure differential exceeded the practical limit allowed across a valve and needed to be reduced to avoid CAVITATION and resultant damage to the valve body.

Watering Concepts installed an orifice plate to reduce the pressure differential to within normal operating levels. The sizing of the plate was chosen to take into account the flow and pressure parameters of the system.

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"All equipment and spare parts carry a 12 month warranty"